Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Tuesday, Week 4
Yesterday, the boys started their homeschool P.E. class. It meets once a week at a nearby park. The boys were hesitant about going, but had a blast! The class is made up of 20-30 kids, ranging in age from 5 to 15. There's a coach, who developed a good rapport with the kids right away. During the month of September, the focus is on "water games," which is perfect since we're still above 100 degrees. This program is also offering leagues -- one of which being soccer, which N especially is interested in. The thing I like about their leagues is that they correspond to what they're learning during P.E., so the class is like practice, and there's only one other time commitment for the game.

Last night, C played coach pitch while I stayed home with N & L. We hopped in the pool and were still swimming when DH & C came back, so we all swam for a while. Yesterday was definitely a high physical activity day!

Today was a good schooling day, until near the end when N got into an argument with C over crayons or markers or somesuch nonsense.

N completed 2 pages in his math workbook and 2 pages in "Little Folks Number" book.

We started a unit on time, and Chapter 5 of N's workbook is about time. We did a time unit last year, so C has more of an understanding of time than N, but he definitely has more to learn. We talked about the hour and minute hand, practiced counting by 5's, discussed A.M. vs. P.M., looked at analog clocks vs. digital clocks, and practiced telling time with a play clock. I'll concentrate more on the concept of hours with N, and C will move into learning "half-past" and specific minutes (i.e. 9:52). C took great delight in looking at his watch (a new one -- we bought him one last year that broke & wasn't replaced. Amazon has a great deal on kid's timex watches - he has this one. N has a watch as well, but it's currently misplaced.) and telling us what time it was for the rest of the day.

C completed a page in his spelling workbook and 3 pages in his "Faith and Life" activity book. I read the first chapter out loud to N & C. (I like it SO much better than the book our parish is using for RE. They're using "Faith First" and I am completely unimpressed.)

The boys worked on a sea-life puzzle and C read out loud a book about sharks.

We began discussing mammals and will do a brief unit on whales & dolphins to close out our ocean unit and transition into our mammal unit.

They boys did a coloring page of a boy playing t-ball.

I just realized we forgot to do nature journals today! We'll start with them on Thursday.

Tomorrow is enrichment and then fall ball. This is the 2nd to last Wednesday for fall ball, but then we'll likely move into the soccer league. I can't wait until the temperatures drop into the low 90's so we can go to the zoo and the botanical gardens!

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