Monday, February 25, 2008
moving on up
N recently completed his Kindergarten math workbook. I ordered the 1st grade book for him this week, as well as the 1st grade speller. He is more than ready for both!

I looked at last year's calendar and realized that C also finished his K math workbook around this same time.

C won't finish the 1st grade math book before the end of May, I don't think. There's a chance, I suppose -- but it doesn't look that way. We recently added a reading comprehension workbook to his studies and that is a 3rd grade book. His spelling book is 2nd grade, as well as his grammar book.

Next year, we'll have sacrament preparation for C, which will add to our workload. We'll also do more focused science and social study work. For these reasons, I don't think he'll jump ahead as much as he did this year in his studies.

We worked until about a week before L's birth last spring (late April), and I plan to work through May this year. We're taking next week as our spring break, since it works perfectly into some family things. We won't do any dedicated schooling in June or July and then start up again mid-August. The boys will attend zoo camp this summer, and hopefully camp at the natural history museum. I'm not sure if we'll be able to afford both this year.

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Friday, February 22, 2008
no school today
We've been battling influenza, asthma attacks, RSV, ear infections and exhaustion the last couple weeks. Through it all, we've still done schooling -- reading, workbooks, practice, etc.

Today, N asked if we could skip schooling. I looked at him and said "Absolutely!"

Right now, the boys are creating comic books. Lots of drawing, spelling, writing and creating going on in the bedroom.

Earlier, they re-enacted American Gladiators in our backyard. Strategy, creativity and exercise.

C read out loud to his baby sister while she was struggling through a breathing treatment. Compassion, reading, diction.

Both boys helped me with laundry and cleaning the kitchen while L took a brief nap. Life skills

N is keeping track of what time different medicines are taken on our refrigerator whiteboard, and calculating when the next dose can be taken. Writing, time telling, math calculations

C started a new chapter book while he was having a breathing treatment. Reading

Both boys helped prepare lunch today. Life skills, counting

We may not have done anything that "looked" like schooling to the general public, but lots of learning is going on in our home! Even N doesn't realize how much he's learning - he just knows that he doesn't have to "do workbooks" today!

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I'm a homeschooling mom with 3 wonderful kids! My boys are 6 & 7 and working at a 1st and 2nd/3rd grade level. We use Catholic Heritage Curriculum loosely, with lots of our own ideas added in. My boys attend an enrichment program one day per week during the traditional school year, which gives me extra time with my toddler daughter, and the chance to run some errands without my active boys.

This blog was a running list of what we do each school-day, but I tend to post here sporadically now. We usually school on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to take DH's days off into account.

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