Sunday, April 02, 2006
summer plans
I know I haven't updated since January. Once I decided we were definitely homeschooling, and I got DH on board -- I haven't done much. I see no reason to rush into anything.

I did look at quite a few curriculums, and have (pretty much) decided on Catholic Heritage for Kindergarten. I looked at Seton and Mother of Divine Grace, as well as a slew of others - but I think for Kindergarten I'm happy with CHC.

The boys have been attending a preschool program at the Desert Botanical Gardens one day a week since October, and we'll continue doing that until early May. They enjoy the program immensely and have learned quite a bit about the desert, animals and weather. We've been spoiled that the classes have been small so far this year (6-8 students), but the session that just started is full with 15 students! I'm not sure if Nate will do this again in the fall or not -- I'm going to wait and see how the summer goes, and what other activities may turn up. Colin will be too old for the program this fall.

Colin has started reading the first set of BOB books. He was very excited about it and wanted to read more than one a day - but was getting himself overworked and overwraught, so I put an end to that. One a day is our limit, no more than 3 new books in a row, and at least 2 days/week with none. I'd like to say it's at his own pace, but I have to admit that I'm holding him back a bit because he is so intense.

We still do a lot of reading out loud. Currently, we're reading "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the boys are amazed at how much more food Almanzo & his family have in comparison to the books we've read about Laura & Mary.

But, back to the title of this post!

We'll be visiting family in Wisconsin in late May for the first time since Colin was an infant. DH won't be able to come, but the boys & I are looking forward to fun couple of weeks hanging with Grandma & Grandpa!

In mid-June, Colin will be attending a week-long summer camp at the zoo. It's 4 hours each day, and he'll be learning about the baby animals at the zoo among other things. I think he'll have a blast! Nate is too young this year, but next year he'll be old enough to attend as well.

As soon as that ends, Monday camp starts at the Mesa Southwest Museum. Each Monday afternoon for 5 weeks, both boys will attend and learn about a different topic. The topics are: Rocks, Bugs, Desert Dwellers, Fascinating Fossils and Old Fashioned Fun. When those 5 weeks end, there is a 3 day dinosaur camp that both boys will attend as well. Colin was thrilled to hear that they will have the chance to meet a real paleontologist!

The boys will both take swimming lessons this summer as well - but I'm not sure which sessions they'll be in yet. I'm still waiting for the summer schedule to come out. Colin loves being in the water, and throws himself in even now when the water is a bit chilly. Nate has always been a bit hesitant in the pool, and he is waiting for the pool to warm up before he is willing to spend much time in it! I think we'll shoot for lessons in the middle of the summer, when we'll want to be spending quite a bit of time in the water anyway.

When dinosaur camp ends, it's early August! School will be starting soon! Colin will be attending an enrichment program through the school system one day a week. We're looking at it as another chance for him to socialize and work on group dynamics. It also gives Nate some one - on - one time which he has never really had.

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This blog was a running list of what we do each school-day, but I tend to post here sporadically now. We usually school on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to take DH's days off into account.

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