Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Tuesday, Week 10
More of the same around here. The boys eagerly approach their lessons each day, and we are continuing to do what works for us.

The last few days they completed math pages, copywork, religion, spelling pages and grammar. C continues to read independently, and N completed the first set of BOB books. We're working on a unit study of the human body.

I think we're going to start the "Little Stories for Little Folks" with Nate. When we finish the body unit, we're moving into a nutrition unit. (or possibly dinosaurs. or desert. Not sure yet!)

They are still enjoying homeschool PE and are playing soccer as part of that.

I'm pleased to say we haven't butted heads or had any meltdowns in quite a while. I incorporate as much outdoor play as possible and I think it helps. N learned to ride a 2 wheeler without training wheels last week.

I'm pretty tied down with L, as she wants to be held all the time. She rarely naps, but sleeps good chunks at night. When she does nap, it's usually while I'm holding her and she wakes if I shift her. It makes blogging difficult, (and cleaning and cooking and peeing . . . ) but I know she'll continue to grow and we'll have all new challenges before I know it. I do like keeping track of our days in this blog, but I'm not going to stress that I wasn't able to blog the last few days specifically.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Thursday, Week 9
C did one page of math today. It was a long review page of addition and subtraction facts. He read a chapter from his religion text out loud (and got pretty upset about the story of Adam and Eve.) He completed 2 spelling workbook pages.

N did 2 pages of math. He wrote copy work pages for the letters "T" and "U." He read the 11th BOB book.

Both boys made cards for their godparents' new baby. C wrote a note inside of his and did very well, except for a few backward "b"'s.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Tuesday, Week 9
Both boys did entries in their nature journals. They both chose to draw the rosemary plant in front of our home. I wrote N's entry and prodded C to write his own. After a bit of grousing, he did and even figured out how to spell "rosemary" on his own.

I asked C to complete 2 math pages today -- and he ended up doing 6! He saw that he was close to the end of a chapter, and decided to finish it up. He had no problems with the work, so I guess he was ready.

N completed 2 math pages. One he struggled with last week, and we put it aside and did some practicing of counting in the teens during the next few days. When he attempted the pages today, he had no problem and zoomed through them. He also did copywork for the letters R & S.

C did more independent reading. He asked if we could go to the library to get #10 of the Magic Treehouse Series, so we did that after lunch.

Both boys created a thank you card for our guest last week. They wrote out a note, and decorated the card with pictures.

We are starting a unit on the human body, so I read a book about the 5 senses to the boys.

Since C did so much math today, math will be light for the rest of the week, so he can catch up on other work that he didn't do today.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007
Saturday, Week 8
We attended a "Health & Wellness Fair" put on by the community fitness center today. It was a completely free event, and we had a blast! The boys got information from the fire station and the American Red Cross about safety, some information about tobacco use, sun protection, and got quite a few freebies.

They also offered free classes. We took 2 -- during one we made a very neat glass suncatcher, and in the other class the boys made a yoga mat bag (well, they started the bag -- we'll have to finish it next week.) The instructor complimented them on their attention span and interest.

I'm so glad my sister saw the notice for this event! It was a great way to spend the morning -- and it didn't cost a dime.

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Friday, October 12, 2007
Thursday & Friday, Week 8
Yesterday a friend of the boys was off school, and she needed a place to spend the afternoon, so we all went to the AZ Natural History Museum and the Museum of Youth. She was excited to accompany the boys on one of their "field trips!" It's fun to watch C read the plaques this year when we visit places.

C completed 6 math workbook pages and N completed 4 over the last 2 days. N read another BOB book. C read his Faith & Life chapter and completed 2 workbook pages. C did a page in his spelling workbook and didn't do well on an oral spelling test (the list had "oa" and "ol" words mixed together which confused him. ie. soap and hold)

C did quite a bit of independent reading. N enjoys cutting paper at every opportunity. He made an interesting treasure box and also a collage of houses. The boys completed a couple coloring pages. N did a copywork page on the letter "Q."

N needs to practice counting in the teens, and recognizing those numbers. He can recognize the numbers 1 - 10, and 20 and above, but struggles with 13 - 19. Much of this will be done on the fly, when the opportunity is there.

C memorized another memory gem for the week.

We're planning on attending a "Health & Wellness Fair" tomorrow and I may decide that is schooling enough and call it a week. We are starting a unit on the human body next week.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Tuesday, Week 8
Both boys drew entries in their nature journals. I wrote N's entry, C wrote his own. They both chose to draw our new ice plant.

N did 2 math pages in his workbook and then practiced telling time with a play clock. He moved the clock to different times, then wrote the time out on the dry erase portion. C did 5 pages in his math workbook today. Both boys started new chapters (C started Chapter 5, N started Chapter 6.)

Colin completed one page in his spelling workbook and attempted one page in his grammar workbook. The grammar page will have to be re-done.

N did copywork for the letters O & P.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Saturday, Week 7
We attended the first in the Phoenix Symphony family concert series this afternoon. Between company and the concert, we did no "schooling."

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Friday, October 05, 2007
Friday, Week 7
Both boys drew entries in their nature journals today. I wrote N's entry, C wrote his own entry. Both boys worked with coins and made piles of coins to equal $1.

N read the 9th BOB book with ease. C read a couple chapters from an abridged version of Treasure Island.

We're expecting out-of-town company today, so some manic cleaning ensued.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Thursday, Week 7
This morning, when I put out the schooling bins, both boys hopped up to the island and got right to work. It felt great!!

N did 3 pages in his math workbook and wrote a thank you note to his aunt. He also did copywork for the letters "M" and "N".

Both boys colored a page of St. Francis (today is his feast day.)

C did 2 pages in his grammar workbook, 1 page in his spelling workbook, got 100% on his oral spelling test, 1 page in his religion workbook.

We read through this week's Magnifikid together.

The boys played Battleship (practicing letters, numbers and the idea of coordinates.)

C read independently another Magic Treehouse book and the latest issue of "Big Backyard." He read a Cookie Monster book to his brother, and a board book to his sister.

The boys sorted coins and added up values.

N asked to skip reading again today. He practiced beginning and ending sounds of words. He will practice reading tomorrow.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Tuesday, Week 7
Both boys did a worksheet about adding up the value of mixed pennies & nickels. N was originally frustrated when he saw the worksheet, but quickly picked up on it and completed it just fine. He didn't think he could count by 5's, but then realized he could.

Today is the Feast of Guardian Angels and I gave the boys construction paper, scissors and glue and asked them to create a picture of their guardian angels. They both created very sweet angels, and even wrote "My Guardian Angel" at the top of their pages.

Both boys did copywork -- C wrote out the guardian angel prayer, N wrote the first verse of the prayer.

C read the 4th chapter of his Faith & Life book -- which happened to be about guardian angels! (I couldn't have planned that better if I tried!) He also did a page in his spelling workbook.

I read a book to them about guardian angels, and we looked at some artists' pictures of angels.

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