Thursday, December 13, 2007
Hmmm, Week What?
Thankfully, nobody is using my blog to keep track of me and our efforts! While the blog might make it appear that we have fallen off the face of the earth, we are still learning!

There have been many math worksheets, writing practice, reading practice, religious lessons, field trips and recesses at our home in the last six weeks.

The baby is also learning and developing like crazy; and I just haven't felt motivated to update this blog.

Lessons have been a bit of a struggle this week, and I'm trying to decide if we should start Christmas break early and get back to the grindstone in January. I've already decided that we're taking tomorrow off so we can decorate our tree and do some grocery shopping!

I admit that I've struggled with finding the time to plan lessons and have been doing much by the seat of my pants these days. Even so, Nate is starting to read and Colin is reading at a 3rd grade level at least. Colin is subtracting numbers up through 20 and Nate is breezing through his math worksheets of adding small numbers. Colin completed his 1st grade spelling workbook and will start the 2nd grade workbook in January. Both boys have finally memorized our home phone number, and we have started on DH's and my cell numbers. They are both able to tell time and count money. We continue to read plenty -- DH is currently reading "Hank the Cowdog" books at night, and I'm reading "Indian in the Cupboard" to them, as well as our large variety of Christmas/winter/Advent books.

Overall, I guess we're doing alright. I would like to add in more science & social studies next year. I do think that getting our office cleaned out will make a difference in my planning abilities! That's a goal I want to complete before the end of this year.

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I'm a homeschooling mom with 3 wonderful kids! My boys are 6 & 7 and working at a 1st and 2nd/3rd grade level. We use Catholic Heritage Curriculum loosely, with lots of our own ideas added in. My boys attend an enrichment program one day per week during the traditional school year, which gives me extra time with my toddler daughter, and the chance to run some errands without my active boys.

This blog was a running list of what we do each school-day, but I tend to post here sporadically now. We usually school on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to take DH's days off into account.

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