Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Tuesday, Week 3
The day started with a big temper tantrum from C over shoes. We bought him new shoes before we left for Wisconsin at the beginning of August, and he has already outgrown them. We bought new shoes last night, a full size larger, and this morning there were "issues" with them already. I talked with DH and we think it's more that he doesn't like hard shoes vs. the new ones not fitting . . . but I've given up talking to him about it for the day. I'll let DH deal with him later.

N was extremely cooperative today and eager to do his work!

The day started with nature journals. I encouraged C to write his own entry, and with only a little help with spelling "toadstool" he did just fine.

Both boys did math workbook pages (N completed 2, C completed 1.)

Both did some copywork in last year's "Little Folks" practice books for letters and numbers. We started them last year, but never finished them. Working in the books is definitely remedial for C, but I like the religious focus of each page and decided it was good reinforcement for his letter & number formation.

N read books 2 & 3 from the 1st set of Bob Books. I am so proud of his efforts here! He really works at sounding out the words, and his recognition of lower case letters has dramatically increased in the last few weeks.

C completed one page from his spelling workbook and a few pages in his word journal. The word journal is WAY too basic for him, but he is enjoying drawing the pictures to go on each page. He read out loud to me from an early reader. He finished "80 Days Around the World" over the weekend. I would like to order some of the early readers from Seton for him in the next few weeks.

DH didn't have any calls today, so he came home and we all went to the movies. We had the entire theater to ourselves! I almost didn't go, as I didn't know how L would do -- but she did just fine. Suddenly, a whole new world opened up to me! At least for the next few months, we can go to afternoon movies when most kids are in school. And, when the boys are in their enrichment program, I can go see adult movies!

Tomorrow the boys have their enrichment program. We have a conflict between fall ball games, and a special mass at church for RE. I think we'll be attending the mass, but I think DH would like the boys to go to their games. The mass is not required, but I think it would be a nice way to kick off the year. DH feels that they have a commitment to their teams. I'm still on the fence.

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