Sunday, September 17, 2006
Week 5, In Review
Tuesday the boys worked on their nature journals. We were out front again, and Colin drew a house with clouds, while Nate drew a leaf.

I read them "Little Acts of Grace" and we practiced the Guardian Angel prayer each day this week.

Both boys worked with the Melissa & Doug spelling puzzle we got from Colin expanded the puzzle into creating words just using the letters, while Nate stuck with matching the letters to the puzzles.

Colin practiced writing his numbers 0 -9 and completed another couple worksheets about time with mixed hour and 1/2 hour clocks. He read 3 phonics books on his own. He worked on adding numbers in his head -- successfully adding the numbers 0-6 to 0-99. At his enrichment program this week, they worked on the letter "A".

Nate learned to sing the entire ABC song this week, with help from Dad. Prior to now, he would always stop after "D", but he only stumbles a second after V . . . and then finishes up like a champ. He also added more stickers to his letter recognition chart, which is up to 15 now. He successfully adds 0 & 1 to numbers through 20 in his head.

Both boys played outside a lot this week, built with k'nex, blocks, legos and widgets, and listened to a lot of reading done by me. They played with puzzles a couple days and played the game Trouble.

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