Friday, May 30, 2008
Reading Programs
We live on the border of 2 counties, and are able to visit both counties' libraries. Each offers a reading program with different sponsors, so the boys are very excited about earning some prizes this summer. One library offers tickets to a Diamondbacks game, and my boys can't wait!

They are also working on the reading program offered through Barnes and Noble. If the boys read 8 books and write a short journal entry (one sentence, really), they can choose a free book.

For the fall, I just registered for the Pizza Hut program. They have changed their program to be open to individual homeschoolers and you can register here.

And, finally in the fall, we'll be raising funds for Heifer International through their Read to Feed program. I recently received the leader packet and was impressed by all the information they sent. They have a wonderful curriculum to go along with the program, and sent bookmarks and stickers as well to reward the kids. N is already looking forward to reading enough to raise the funds to provide a family with a beehive.

We do an awful lot of reading in our home already, so these little bonuses are great fun for the kids.

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