Monday, January 28, 2008
Pick a Number!
We've been working on a poetry unit and have had a lot of fun reading tons of different poems. Today, I picked up a large anthology of poems and said "Pick a Number!" I flipped to that page and read a poem. I went back and forth between the boys for a good 45 minutes reading different poems. The focus of this unit has been exposure, and I think this was a great, interactive way to expose them to poetry.

We also created crayon disks today by stripping the paper off a bunch of crayons, dropping them in muffin tins, and melting them in the oven. The boys were fascinated with how they melted together and had fun drawing with them once they cooled. The toughest part was stripping the paper off the crayons -- I swear they must glue it on these days!

The boys also worked in their workbooks and listened to me read out loud (in addition to the poems.)

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