Saturday, May 24, 2008
what are we reading this summer?
C reads quite a bit independently, but DH & I still read out loud at bedtime to both boys.

Right now, I'm reading The Return of the Indian by Lynn Reid Banks and DH is reading Barnstormers.

In the wings, I've got a copy of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, the first Redwall book, and Nim's Island. My mom just brought us a full set of the Chronicles of Narnia, so we'll read those this summer as well. I'm excited to read them and then watch the movies (I like reading the books to the boys first and then watching any movie that has been made from a book.)

C is on the 22nd book of the Secrets of Droon series and I'm thinking I might start him on Boxcar Children next. N chose about a dozen books about vikings from the library that he wants me to read to him.

We'll participate in the reading program at the library this summer -- mainly so we can get free kids' baseball tickets! The boys look forward to the game every summer and I'm so glad the library & the Diamondbacks offer that as an incentive. We're also considering doing a fundraiser for Heifer International through their Feed To Read program. I got their free curriculum last week and was very impressed!

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