Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Week One, Tuesday
Before Nate woke this morning, Colin and I got through the first 17 pages of his math workbook (very simple pages of patterns, understanding over/under/first/last, etc.) The biggest thing from that work was the page listing 8 white crayons with different color names written on them. After a short protest, he read each color name on his own and colored them in correctly!

We also went through flash cards G - L.

When Nate woke, we went outside to start our nature journals. I attempted to draw a watermelon leaf, Nate sketched some of our flagstone and Colin sketched a few ants. They then narrated their entries to me and I transcribed the info into their journals. They colored a bit on the covers and we put them away until next week.

I took some time and went over Nate's G - L flash cards with him. He is good about knowing the sounds, but doesn't recognize many letters yet. I think these flash cards will be a help to him.

They are now playing with some dinosaur magnets and separating them into herbivore vs. carnivore on 2 cookie sheets. We're headed off to the grocery store and some other errands after lunch.

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