Saturday, August 12, 2006
Official Start Week!
We'll be "officially" homeschooling this week. Since Colin's enrichment program starts this week, it made sense for us to start our focused learning this week as well.

I have a pretty good idea of what we'll cover between now and Christmas, but I have only written out the plan for this coming week. I want to see how our days flow, and also ease into this new way of ordering our days.

I have a teacher's plan book, and columns that I've used for planning. Some of the items will be done with both boys, and then I've broken out specific activities for Colin and Nate.

On Monday, I'm going to have them make handprints with paint to kick off the new year. We'll make more handprints at the end of our year to compare. I think I'll also record some basic info - like height / weight. These prints will slide into the front of their work binder.

This week, we'll review and color flashcards for the letters A - R. Colin knows all of his uppercase letters, but still stumbles on a few lower case letters. This is mostly review for him. Nate still needs more practice on all of his letters - so the flashcards will be used much more with him during the next few months. Each flash card has an upper case letter, a lower case letter, and a couple drawings of items that begin with that letter. I am planning to laminate them so they last longer.

During the week, we'll also read from "God's Love Story." It's a book written by the Poor Clare Nuns in Roswell, NM. The CHC curriculum suggests reading 2 pages at a time - but I know my boys will want to hear more than that! I think I will read from it over 3 days, and read 20 pages.

One day during the week, we'll decorate the covers of our new nature journals and make our first entry. It's too hot to make a visit to the Botanical Gardens right now, so we'll study something in our backyard.

Another day during the week, we'll begin the dvd art lessons I purchased at the homeschooling convention. They'll also practice writing the numbers 1 & 2.

For Colin, he will continue learning to read - with the Level 1, Book 1 story from the phonics book from CHC. There's a simple phonics game that goes along with each of these books that we'll also play. He will complete some math workbook pages. The first 20 pages aren't even covered in the CHC curriculum, so I think we'll see how quickly he can go through those and if there is anything he needs extra work on.

Nate will work on some pre-writing skills using a dry-erase book that has various lines on it. He will also work on counting and sorting using a set of plastic animals he will put together. He enjoys simple mazes, so he will work on a few of those as well.

In addition to all the schoolwork, we'll attend mass on Tuesday for the Feast of the Assumption, play t-ball and make a visit to the library.

A full week, but I don't think too full.

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