Monday, August 14, 2006
First Day

Today wasn't that different from any other day over the last few years. The biggest difference was the way I thought about it . . . and how I kept telling the boys "See, this is homeschooling!" LOL!

This morning, Nate was a little miffed that I said we had to wait until Colin woke up to start - so he went and woke Colin up. (It was time for him to wake up, anyway)

We started with the flashcards, and we talked about the letters and the sounds they make, and different words that begin with each letter. Nate got bored after coloring 2 flashcards and wandered off, while Colin was happy to color letters A - F. Colin read the first book in the new phonics program and went off to read it to Nate. Then, I read from God's Love Story.

I told them they could play, and we'd paint after lunch. So, they got their bowls of fossils that they collected yesterday at the T Rex Museum and spent about an hour classifying them into different types, counting how many they had, looking at them through a magnifying glass, and experimenting to see what things the shark teeth would puncture. The only involvement I had was to help them find different things to poke the shark teeth through.

After lunch, I pulled out the painting supplies and they made handprints. They mixed colors and painted pictures for about an hour. Currently, they're in the tub, scrubbing off paint. They're discussing whether a velociraptor claws are sharper or more dangerous than shark teeth. Now they're discussing whether or not a velociraptor could swim - because if it couldn't, then there's no reason to compare their fighting skills.

A very successful first day, if I do say so myself!

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